Is this a weird year or what???

Well, folks, last week it was 75 degrees, trees are budded, my daffodils bloomed as did an early tulip and my Lenten Rose.

Lenten Rose and remains of Crocus
Early Tulips

Easter Sunday it rained. Actually we had thunder and lightning too, along with .9″ of rain. Monday, the wind was howling like a banshee, whatever that is! Yesterday was still windy and cold to boot. The temperature dropped 30 degrees Monday in just a few hours.

Then overnight last night we had a couple inches of snow. WHAT? This is April. April 15 to be certain, and the day, in a NORMAL year that is, when we would have to file our income tax report. Well, not THIS year, thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nothing is normal as we know normal. And, for all us procrastinators, we don’t have to file with the IRS until July!

Here is my house a few minutes ago, but the sun has been out and some of the snow has melted. I still had enough to have to use the snow shovel, which I hadn’t gotten around to putting away, yet.

Since it is already a strange time, and since there is snow on the ground, I decided to go out and have some fun in the snow. I made a small snowman

Then, I sent it to some of my family members and friends via text. Then I decided since this is not a normal year, we couldn’t have a normal snowman. So, we ditched the hat and donned a mask instead!

Poor guy! Since Great minds think alike, my daughter sent a text suggesting I put him on my blog at the same instant that I thought, “I should put him on my blog!”

There you have it folks. Might as well have some fun during this UNFUN time! He is so small that probably no one driving by will even notice him, but I am sharing with all of you, dear readers, so you can remember that we will get through this.

I do believe God has a sense of humor, so we might as well have some fun at the same time we are practicing social distancing and staying well.

10 thoughts on “Is this a weird year or what???”

  1. Hi Julie….love your blog today……..you made me laugh….well, the little snowman did anyway! I can’t imagine snow in April…..well, not anytime for me. i live in the San Joaquin Valley of California….today is supposed to be 79. By the weekend it will be in the 60’s again. I get long-johns out when it is below 70!
    I have a little plant just blooming for the first time. I can’t find anyone to tell me what it is.
    The original plant belonged to my mother (she died 26 years ago). My sister kept the plant going (she has since passed away too). My sister-in-law had a start from my sister and gave me a start from her plant. I think it might be in the succulent family…..I’m just wondering if you might know….let me know if you might take a stab at identification. Then I’ll try to get a picture for you.


    1. Thanks Faith! Glad it tickled your funny bone. We need a little laughter, or maybe a lot, in these trying times. Sure, send a photo and I will take a shot at ID. Sounds like it might be a Jade plant.


      1. Well, shoot….guess I’m not techy enough to get a picture to you. I have pictures in my phone…..sent them to my computer email…..don’t know how to get them to you. I do have a jade plant also, and they are not alike…..but maybe same family?? Thanks for being willing to try…..


  2. Well, that made my day! Glad you had fun in the snow and put a mask on the poor guy. He felt out on place in April so he probably loved the mask to hide his face! TFS


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