Where do we go from here?

Or, perhaps the question should be, where are we today?

I am not a preacher, and I tend to not talk much about my faith. That said, if you perceive this post as preaching, or disagree, or are of un-belief, you can stop right here to save your sensibilities from being offended. However, I would urge you in any case to hear me out.

This worldwide mess is unprecedented in the fact of almost instant information, if of nothing else. Besides that, much of the information we get so quickly is mis-information, or misleading at best. Thus, we have many people, who have no faith background to sustain them in times of trouble and stress, who are SCARED! Due to the overwhelming overload of information, we are facing a situation never before seen at the level we have today.

Yes, there was the bubonic plague, the 1918 influenza, and others over the centuries. They were different in that they did not have access to information, and did not (or could not) know that

For those, I pray that they might find peace.

To prevent this post from being totally boring, I am attaching a few photos, just to remind you that:

1-God is the Great Creator

2-God is in control


In the beauty of a single flower is SO much more than we see with our eyes. Think of the many kinds of flowers and thank God for the beauty therein and the eyes to see. Think Peace.

I am a healthy adult in the ‘over 60’ group, so I guess I am considered elderly and at higher risk than someone younger. I am not afraid. Cautious, yes. Fearful, no. I always do due diligence in the hand washing department, cover my nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and avoid, when possible, those who are sick. Beyond that, since so many events are cancelled, I will be self-isolating.

I view this as an opportunity to be un-busy and to accomplish things I might not otherwise have the time to do: Spend more time in prayer, make cards and SEND them, make jewelry, knit, read, rake the lawn, clean closets, etc.  Of course, I will do some birding and photography!! That is pretty much an isolated activity with great rewards. 7

This is one of the rewards. Who knew that the feathers on the face of a Northern Saw-whet Owl (a little guy not much bigger than a pop can) were so intricate?

There is always an upside to every downside, so think positively. Perhaps, if you have children at home, you will be able to spend more time with them, and teach them things important that are not taught in school. Have them help you prepare dinner, then sit down to give thanks and enjoy the food, TOGETHER. Get outside with them and teach them things of nature (which are things of God).


An example might be found in these seeds of a milkweed, which you can use to teach about the Monarch Butterfly life cycle and why it is important to help them.


It is spring and birds are beginning to migrate, starting with geese and ducks who nest in the far north. These are Greater White-fronted Geese. Another lesson for your kids. How many kinds of geese are there? Why do they fly north? How many eggs do they lay? Where do they lay them? (Hint: you may have to educate yourself!)

You may ask, “Why is God giving this virus to us?” God is not giving anything bad to us, but sometimes He allows bad things. All bad things are a result of this fallen world and the work of Satan, who is fighting God every day for your soul. Following God does not mean bad things won’t happen, rather that you will have peace and comfort when they do, instead of fear.

The beauty of our natural world is a testament of God’s love for us. We are surrounded by that love and the beauty he created. If you see ugliness, it is most likely made by mankind. Ugliness in God’s creation is a matter of our perception of beauty/ugliness.


There is an element of beauty in a dying plant, as well as another lesson in the life cycle.

I would urge you to take advantage of these trying times and make the most of this gift of TIME, which you now have if you are not attending sporting or social events, school or work. We all complain that we don’t have enough time, so now that you have some, what will you do with it?? Whine and complain, or make the most of what you have? Call someone who may need to hear a friendly voice today. Send a card. Get outdoors.


Many do not see the beauty around them, simply because their minds are full of the next busy thing on their calendar. Now that your calendar is empty, see the beauty in a dead tree, blue sky and green moss.  This image is one of the many beautiful scenes in my state. Get out and enjoy the scenes around you, wherever you are.


More evidence of spring.


A Blue Grosbeak

OK, enough for today. Now that I have more TIME, maybe I can post more often. It might be a project, it might be photos, it might be sharing my love of God, Family, Country, or it might include one of my many interests. Tune in again next time to see what awaits you.

Until then, remember, God loves each and every one, no matter the circumstances. He loves YOU where you are, in whatever situation. And, don’t be afraid.




32 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?”

  1. Thank you Julie, you said it well. I keep saying, I refuse to let the media’s stories make me fearful because God does not give me a spirit of fear.

    In the Bible God allowed disease and death of some because of their sin. He wiped out whole nations are we any better. They turned to Him and as always when we cry out He hears us. Thank you again for your post.


    1. Shirley, I appreciate you so much. I refuse to be fearful as well for the same reason. Some do not understand that. I am sorry for them and pray that they will ‘get the peace’. Thanks for your kind comments.


  2. Thank you so much for this post today, Julie! The pictures – and reminders of God’s Grace – were exactly what was needed. And thanks for the reminder that being with God doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen – but that we will have comfort and peace as it does. Peace to you, my friend. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Julie, for your words, for sharing the beauty around us and for reminding us of God’s love, especially in times like these. I look forward to more posts from you. Stay well, be safe.


  4. Thank you for the encouragement and beautiful pictures. It puts so much into prospective. You are truly appreciated.


    1. Coming from you I consider that a great compliment. But, the credit doesn’t belong to me. I was just led to do a blog post today with no particular thought of what to post. You just have to let go and let God, and things happen. Thanks for following my blog.


  5. Thank you for this beautiful post, Julie. I am also older and I am also feeling very peaceful about the outcome of this virus. I know God is in control and I place my trust in Him.
    Your photos are always amazing and I love looking at them. Thank you!


  6. Julie, this is a very beautiful and meaningful post. I can tell that we are on the same page, which just makes me appreciate you all the more. The best thing we can do is encourage each other in the Lord. Your wonderful bird and nature pictures are soothing to a soul too!! Thanks so much….keep these posts coming.
    Faith Simpson


  7. Well done, good and faithful servant! This was much more rewarding than a card. I’m blessed by your beauty inside and out and all of what God created…especially the milkweed pod, owl and deer! Keep it up!!


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