Snow is Glistening

And it isn’t a stamp or a card!


Yep! It is the real deal. And it is SO beautiful! You may note that I did not make it to church. After digging a path to the car I came back in for a warm-up with my morning coffee. When I went back out to finish the rest of the job, where I had cleared the snow and the sun had hit it, there was a film of…..BLACK ICE! Whoa! SLICK!

I though perhaps some of the roads I have to use to get to church would be the same, so I opted to just stay home and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in my backyard. You, my friends, are the beneficiaries of that decision.


This bird bath is mute evidence of the depth of the snow. I had to sweep off the bird feeders and, oh, my, did my feathered friends appreciate that. The bird bath they actually use is a heated one, so, no snow on it. Of course, I had to either wade through the soft, white snow, or scoop a path to get to the feeders. I will have to brave the roads tomorrow because I just used the last of the bird seed this morning.

A handy item to have…



“This is the day which the Lord hath made. We will REJOICE and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24 KJV

Truly, there is always something for which to be glad. Maybe it is only the fact that you can see when you open your eyes in the morning. Or that you are able to get out of bed on your own. For my part, I am thankful that I am able to get out and enjoy this day.

Perhaps it is simply the knowledge that someone loves you…and God certainly does. This is what MY eyes saw upon opening this morning. Better than icing on a cake!


It is really glistening today. Yesterday was gloomy and it snowed ALL DAY and half the night. It was just a gentle, lightly falling snow, and there was very little wind, which is unusual for where I live. It is flat here for miles and there is nothing to stop the wind. Folks who live in our county seat town are amazed when they drive out into the country at how strong is the wind. A day with NO wind is not very common. Today, as you can see from the limp flags, is one of those rare days.


The snow has a tendency to give my surroundings a peaceful feeling. It is not just the beauty, it is the quiet. Snow mutes the sound, or at least softens it. So, when my neighbor started his little tractor, it was a pleasant, muffled sound instead of harsh and annoying. He had hooked up the sledย  and was pulling his two little boys behind, very slowly and very carefully. They have a large yard and he was just going around it. It was a joy to watch them enjoying themselves.


When I was a child, we had a large bush in the back yard that was covered in summer with fluffy, white flowers. We called it a snowball bush. This is my current snowball bush! It really is a hydrangea, as was the one we called a snowball bush. I now see how it got that nickname. The flowers did resemble the snowballs, and these real snowballs resemble the flowers that were there only a few weeks ago.

No matter how troubling this old world is at times, nor how much personal pain we have at any moment, God is there, loving and caring for us all. And, he gives us such beauty it makes my heart swell with pleasure and gratitude. I admit, though, that sometimes we have to look for that beauty.


And, if you don’t like snow, you may only see that you have to get out the shovel, or that the roads may be slick, or, or….something. Instead, try seeing the beauty of it. It will make your day go better.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can appreciate my love of the winter season. And, if you live where you do not get snow, well, you can enjoy it here. Oh, yes, the temperature was 12 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up.ย  But, with no wind, it doesn’t seem cold at all.

I would enjoy any comments you care to leave. God Bless.




8 thoughts on “Snow is Glistening”

  1. You might not have attended a physical church today but you attended A church. Nice thoughts and beautiful pictures to showcase God’s work. Glad you played it safe and stayed home though–black ice is dangerous and we got to enjoy your snow. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Julie, your photography skills are immeasurable. Capturing such pristine beauty is music to my eyes (is that such thing?) … it is now! I love snow but not the cold. We used to go tobogganing, sledding, ice skating and snowmobiling … such fun when we were young. Snow angels, snow forts, snow people were the best. I do not like snowballs except on your snow bush. I am pleased that you take care of our bird friends.


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