Calendars are Ready!

Good Thursday morning Everyone!

I hope you have a tremendous day ahead of you. It will be a long and busy one for me, but then, it seems every day is that way anymore.

Today I have for you, not a card, not a paper crafting project, nor any of the other creative endeavors I might want to share, but instead a brand spanking new calendar!

This calendar features 13 images of North American birds. Not just any birds. No, No. These are COLORFUL birds. If you are one of those who never has noticed anything but the sparrows hanging around your eaves, you are in for a treat. The birds on this calendar are truly colorful…..red, orange, rust, yellow, blue, green and shades thereof.

My world would be very dull indeed if I did not have God’s beautiful creations to cheer me on a dreary day. There are some VERY striking birds that are either monochromatic, or black and white, or brown with a bit of color, or gray, or…..

I could yammer on all day about the beauty of birds.  I have images of at least 13 kinds of sparrows, which might be a future calendar, just so that I might educate you on the beauty of sparrows.

But, I digress. This calendar also has an inspirational quote on each page, so you are not getting just pretty pictures. I think this might be my best effort yet, and quantities are limited. Closed the calendar measures 12″ x 12″ and is spiral bound. Paper quality is excellent and a matte finish shows off the birds at their best. Here is a peek at the cover. Sorry! That is all you get. (Of course, the watermark you see here is NOT on the calendar itself)


To get one of these calendars, please leave a comment below. I will contact you to get your address and ship to you by December 1.

Colorful Birds of North America, including 13 beautiful birds and inspirational quotes, is only $15, plus shipping. If you are in my neck of the woods and can pick it up, of course you would save shipping costs.

Don’t delay.

Now, for some Stampin’ UP! information about the Stampatatus!


Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus Reservations Start this afternoon at, or about 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
The Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus reservations will start then and they’ll be open until the supply is depleted. So head over to my online store now to reserve yours! Just log into your account, then click on the button to start the reservation process.
And if you miss out on this round, don’t worry, there will be another reservation period starting on December 5!
The order will not be generated and you will not be charged for the Stamparatus until February. This is how the ordering process will work:
• After you get your tool reserved, you will get an email from Stampin’ Up! confirming your reservation.
• You will get an email from Stampin’ Up! in early February letting you know that an item has been added to your shopping basket.
• At that point, you can log into your Stampin’ Up! account in my online store and you will find the Stamparatus in your shopping bag.
• You can add other items to your order at that time if you’d like and add a host code to it before submitting the order. So the checkout process will work just like it always does. You can add a host code and your payment information at the time of checkout.
Here is a quick tutorial for the reservation process:

Click on the Shop with me Online button at right and follow these instructions.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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