New use for leftover Designer Series Paper

Good Monday morning everyone! I know, it is Monday. But, Mondays can be good. It is all in the attitude.

When I was working away from home, I had a sheet of paper taped to the wall next to my desk that said “Attitude is Everything” and proceeded to list all the ways our attitude affects our days. Somehow when I packed up my ‘stuff’ that didn’t get in the box. It was an excellent reminder to have a good attitude, even when it really wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Enough with the Monday stuff. I do not have a card today, but something that is appropriate for a ‘paper crafting’ blog and one that I think you will like.

I cannot give you the pattern as it came from Lia Griffith, who is a Do-it-Yourself designer who thinks almost anyone can be creative. She has many patterns for many kinds of crafting, some of which are free, others available by subscription.

wild wing creations1

At any rate, these cute little paper pumpkins (NOT to be confused with the Stampin’ Up! Paper Pumkin kits) I made from leftover pieces of Designer Series Papers.

There are 3 sizes, only the two larger ones are here. The larger one is cut from a piece of 8″ x 8″ paper. I used a piece from the Spooky Night series. The smaller one is from a 6″ x 6″ piece of Delightful Daisy.

I began by downloading the pattern, then printing it on old, not usable for a card, card stock, then fussy cut it. Yep! Fussy cut. Now, I believe she has patterns in an SVG format, which I understand some kinds of machines will cut. Presumably they have to be tethered to your computer for this to work, but I really have NO knowledge about these machines or who makes them, or, for that matter, how they work. So, I fussy cut.

After fussy cutting, I traced around them onto the BACK side of the chosen paper and fussy cut the real deal. There is a little piece that goes up through the middle to which your ribs are glued. I used a combination of Glue Dots and Liquid Glue to adhere these.

wild wing creations2

Once the pumpkins were glued to their shape, I added the leaves. The ones on the larger pumpkin, shown above, were cut from Color Theory DSP and Liquid Glued to the pumpkin.  The smaller one has leaves from Petal Garden DSP. I used my stylus from the Simply Scored scoring tool to crease veins in the leaves.

The stems are simply a piece of Kraft paper (grocery sack?)  rolled up, twisted and the ends glued. I bent one end and used a Glue Dot to adhere it to the pumpkin. Woo-Hoo! These cute little guys are done!

wild wing creations3

I really don’t like to waste things. I grew up with the waste not, want not, theory. So, I recycle lots of things, and not just what the recycle place will take. Perhaps I save TOO much, but there is also the adage that “A penny saved is a penny earned”. These days, saving a penny may not be a big deal, but it only takes 100 of them to add up to a dollar.

That is how this post came about. I want folks to know that there are ways to use scraps, bits and pieces, and to not just toss them into the wastebasket.

Thanks for reading this post. Please leave a comment. And, God Bless your Monday!

Thought for the Day:  Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. Author unknown.






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