Pancakes, no card. But just wait until tomorrow!

Okey Dokey Everyone, today’s post is basically to let you know that there isn’t a card to post. Well, there is a card, but there is NO time to write about it, upload the images, etc. etc.

By the time you read this I will be taking tickets at our 51st annual Kiwanis Kids’ Day Parade and Pancake feed. Or making pancakes, or clearing tables, or something. We start serving at 6 a.m., but actually, folks start coming at 5:30 and we are usually ready for them by that time. gettin ready

This is our tent, set up yesterday on the street next to Central Park. We can seat about 200 at a time.

This morning all the tables, chairs, grills, supplies, butter, syrup, etc were brought in from our storage shed. We have 4 grills. One of them is round, and goes ’round and ’round. By the time it makes a revolution, the first pancakes poured are ready to flip. By the time it comes around again, they are done. Pretty cool.

So, this is the reason for no card post today. I spent all morning from 8 until lunch helping with the set up. Then at 3:30 went back to town to help make the pancake batter.

We used 90 dozen eggs, 18 pounds of butter, 27 gallons of buttermilk. I forget the amount of flour and other ingredients. And, I don’t remember how many pounds of sausage we use, but it is a LOT. We serve between 1,900 and 2,200 each year.

I think the number varies depending on the weather, and whatever else is going on in the state, and whether or not either Iowa or Iowa State have home games. Both have a pretty large following from the area.

I have to be there by 5:30. We serve until 1:00, right through the parade and everything. The parade is usually about an hour long. We also have free activities for the kids, a clown, etc. It has become a Timeless Tradition, which is also the theme of the parade this year.

It is a fun day for everyone, including us Kiwanians, but it is also a LOT of work.

Then it is clean up, take everything back to the shed, tear down the tent, pack it up and take it to the shed also. By the time all is said and done, I will be too tired to make a card for tomorrow’s post, so I decided to explain why there is no card today.

BUT JUST WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW! I made a very lovely (I think) sympathy card to show you.

So, until then…….I’m havin’ PANCAKES!!

3 thoughts on “Pancakes, no card. But just wait until tomorrow!”

  1. Sold!! I’ll take a short stack, with butter and lots of maple syrup! And sausage, please! Very good cause, Julie, for not having a card today! Enjoy your day and the smiles you’ll see! 🙂


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