Stampin’ Up! Paisley Thinking of You

Sunday morning.

Hey Everyone! Sorry I missed you yesterday.  Busy day here in Iowa and at the end of it I was too tired to pop, or post, or whatever. Fell asleep with the tv on, watching the devastation in Texas. So, if you are there, you are most likely not reading this. Just know that I care, and am praying for safety for all.

My card today is a rainbow hued background with heat embossed copper paisley print.


Well! Here it is Monday morning and this post did NOT happen yesterday. In fact, this may be the way the whole week will go.

A bit of explanation may be in order. I am a member of our local Kiwanis chapter. In case you never heard of Kiwanis, which would probably mean you have been living under a rock, we are an international service club with chapters all over the world. Our mission is to help children, one child, one community at a time. Our international focus the past 2 years has been to raise 115 million dollars to eradicate neo-natal tetanus world wide. Just this past month we had word that Haiti was added to the list of 38 countries where it has been eradicated! Three vaccinations costing about $1.80 each are given to the mother, which protects her and her unborn children, preventing the children from dying  a terrible death. On the local level, we sponsor ball teams, help Girl and Boy Scouts, offer scholarhips, etc. This all takes money.

One of the things our chapter does to raise funds is to ‘hire’ ourselves out to an event held annually in the next county. I think this is the 90th year for this event and we have been helping out for 40 of them.  Our club puts in about 1,000 man hours over a three week period to earn what amounts to a huge chunk of our annual fundraising.

How does this relate to this blog you might justifiably ask? As a member, I put in my share of hours. Last night was my first of 6-eight hour shifts I will do by Labor Day. Add this to other commitments and the daily grind of whatever I have to do to keep things in some semblance of order around here, that doesn’t leave much time for blogging. Or even card-making for that matter.

I took my laptop last night thinking I could do my post there. HA!

We were too busy for me to be able to do more than a sentence at a time for starters. Also, the internet connection wasn’t very good and I lost contact a couple of times. At one point I lost half of what I had already written. I began to think this post was never going to happen. It was VERY foggy driving home the 40 miles and I was done in by this point, and it was already today anyway. So, I didn’t finish it.

Which brings us to here…..I will try to make cards and get them posted every day, but if it just doesn’t happen, well, you have my apologies. Just remember, the Stampin’ Up Holiday catalog goes live on September 1. If you don’t have a catalog and would like one, just say so in the comment section and I will see that you get one. If you would like to order products and do not have a demonstrator, just click on the online order button at right.

Meanwhile, I will try to get the yard mowed, the dusting done, cook for myself enough that I won’t starve :-), and still make some lovely cards to share with you. Oh, yes, and put in my shifts to help our chapter in its fundraising. If I don’t perish from overwork, I will try to post every day for your enjoyment, or whatever.

God Bless each of you, and please, be kind.

Below is an image of a Black Tern, just so there is something of interest here!



2 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Paisley Thinking of You”

  1. Beautiful photo! I’m sorry you’ve been so busy. I mean – busy is good. Until it gets to BUSY! Then it’s a bit of a struggle. Please avoid starving. We’d miss your cards and photos and humor!! Hope your day goes well!! 😊😊


    1. HaHa! I will definitely try to not starve! (that would probable require me to be stranded someplace without food for MANY weeks!) Yes, busy is good, but sometimes it just gets CRAZZY! (purposeful mis-spelling) Thanks for your kind, and encouraging words. Always appreciated.


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