Wonderful Wednesday!

Hi Everyone and a Wonderful Wednesday I hope it has been for you.

I DO NOT have a card today as I had a long day away from home and my computer did not cooperate with me this morning. Periodically Windows wants to update, which would be fine in the middle of the night or something. When it happens while I am trying to work simply because their update did not update and it takes 2 hours…..! Well! ‘Nuff said on that!

All you Mac users don’t need to pour salt in the wound either. I used a Mac at work and couldn’t see that it was any better than my PC, so, thank you very much, I will keep what I have.

The post will run tomorrow. I used the Colorful Seasons bundle, and REALLY like the card. I hope you will too.

We had a bit more rain this morning, barely measurable, but it was very hot and muggy all day. I am just thankful it stayed cloudy most of the day or it would have been even hotter.


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