No Card today, just a BIG DAY!

Well, the day is winding down and there is no card to post.

This has been a VERY busy day, one that I had hoped would bring rain to my  parched neck of the woods. It seems the rains/storms either fizzle out before they get here, or they split and go north or south. I have had a total of PERHAPS 6 tenths of an inch since the last big rain May 23. And those 6 tenths were from at least 6 different events.  The cornfield is tasseling and this morning I saw the silks shooting, much like the fireworks of yesterday. The corn will suffer very soon if some rain doesn’t fall.

I usually don’t make much of a deal of my birthday, but it seems many people knew about it (there are no secrets anymore!!!) and wished me many happy returns of the day, so I couldn’t ignore it. My eldest granddaughter phoned first to invite me to lunch or breakfast, but I had already had breakfast and was having my younger daughter for lunch (No, I didn’t HAVE her for lunch, she joined me for lunch at my house!) so we met for coffee.

It was so cute, she has a 3 1/2 year old daughter and baby boy. The girl was on the speaker phone with her mommy and yelled, “Happy Birthday Gigi! Is it your birthday?” I am actually GG, stands for Great Grandma, since she has too many other grandmas. Then after we met she wanted to come home with me. It just about broke my heart to tell her it was up to her mommy, who, of course, said, “no.” It is a big hassle with moving car seat, etc., so she told the little one that maybe they could come later after naps. She probably forgot about it by then, which I am sure her mother hoped.

Anyway, there were other phone calls, texts and Facebook messages, so all in all, I wasn’t forgotten. And, it isn’t over yet. My two girls and their husbands are taking me out tomorrow night since I had Eastern Star tonight. On top of being Worthy Matron, I was in charge of refreshments also, so there was no way to skip out on the meeting. So, we just extended the birthday by another day! Can’t beat it!! So many thanks to all for the wonderful greetings!!!

Signing off for July 5, 2017

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